Consumers want it.


Our research proves it: Consumers are hot for our self-heating solution. They want the portability, the convenience and the quick and easy solution it provides. Consumers say they will buy it in addition to the products they are currently purchasing, plus recommend it to others. So consumers are happy. And your brand is happy. As we say, when your product and HeatGenie get together, magical things will happen. 

What consumers crave about HeatGenie: 


56% of consumers love the idea of having HeatGenie at work, while traveling and during outdoor recreations.
Workers can take it on the train or have it for their morning drive. Kids can have a warm soup with their lunches. And moms can enjoy a hot chocolate while out at a little league game.


55% of consumers love the “hot when I want” convenience.
College students can have it at midnight when coffee shops are closed. Kids can have an easy hot chocolate any time they want. And a few friends can enjoy some warm sake in just a couple of minutes.


40% of consumers would buy HeatGenie products because they're just so easy. 

Kids (and even the lazy teenager) can operate it with a simple push of a button. A desk worker can have hot coffee while barely taking themselves away from their keyboard. And busy parents can enjoy hot drinks without all the hassles of preparing them from scratch. 


34% of consumers love the fact that it only takes two minutes to be ready. 

Skiers on a chairlift can start and finish a warm coffee before they get back on the slope. Students can heat and drink one between classes without stopping. Or excited and impatient children can be having hot chocolate in no time. 

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How does this benefit your brand?

Expanded sales through category growth.

Whether it’s soup, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, over 60% of consumers have a strong intent to purchase. And 80% say they will buy self-heating products in addition to buying their normal purchases. As brand managers know, convenience packaging sells at a premium. 

Increased product usage through portability and convenience. 

Consumers say they’ll use HeatGenie products at multiple times during the day, such as morning commute, at their desks, after school and late-night. And they’ll use them at multiple locations as well, including the office, traveling, in the car and during outdoor activities. Multiple times at multiple places means multiple purchases of your product. 

The exponential power of word-of-mouth marketing. 

90% of consumers said they would recommend HeatGenie to others. Imagine those moms at the little league game showing a crowd of parents how it works. Or a student telling those around them in class about it. Or a happy consumer showing off their new favorite product to friends with a short video on their social media sites.  

See complete research results, click here.