Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds magical…how does it work?

With a twist of the lid. Really. Simply twist the lid 45° to activate the heater, wait two minutes, twist again to open the can and voila! 

Is it safe to use?

Absolutely. With HeatGenie, there are no flames, fumes, smoke, or liquids to spill. The heater is separate from the contents inside, and its Passive Thermal Control (PTC) guarantees safety.

Now let’s not forget about Mother Earth.  Is it recyclable?

HeatGenie is environmentally safe and recyclable both before and after activation. 

How big is the heater?

Very small. In fact, HeatGenie only displaces about 10% of the beverage, which makes it the smallest self-heating beverage technology by far.

How much does the heater weigh?

About 1.3 ounces. 

What if I want a specific temperature?

HeatGenie is versatile. Heating temperature and heat profile can be tailored to any beverage.

What kind of contents can be used with HeatGenie?

Any kind of beverage or liquid-based food. Think coffee in the car, soup at work, hot chocolate at the soccer game. 

How long does it take to heat up?

Just 2 minutes, thanks to our amazingly amazing technology solution. 

Is it ready to be used?

Yes, HeatGenie is ready to be implemented into your packaging today. With development complete, we have ongoing consumer and market tests in multiple regions across the globe. 

How do I purchase heaters?

HeatGenie heaters are available for purchase as part of an integrated packaging solution from our authorized packaging partners. Please reach out to us on our contact page and we are happy to discuss your needs. 

What will the integrated packaging solution cost?

The cost depends on a number of variables. We can discuss and determine the costs of the integrated packaging solution, co-packing and assembly with interested brand owners to come up with your best approach.  Please contact info@heatgenie.com for more information. 

Has it been approved for shipping?

We have passed all Department of Transportation (DOT) testing and are approved for shipment in high volume worldwide.  

Has it been safety tested?

We have passed safety testing with a number of CPG companies.
Please contact info@heatgenie.com for more information. 

Is HeatGenie available for large-scale production?

HeatGenie offers an ideal fit for large-scale production quantities into the tens of millions of units or more. Our proven heating technology enables us to deliver a solution that scales with virtually any CPG need. 


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