Pure Genie-us.


HeatGenie’s patented energy storage technology heats its contents simply, safely, efficiently and at a controlled rate within the packaging using a solid-state thermal reaction.

How does it work? To activate, consumers twist the lid on the package and a small, lightweight heater provides high-content energy and heat. The end result is a cup of hot coffee or a can of soup, safely heated in the hand of the consumer in less than two minutes.


With development complete, HeatGenie is already in market tests and launch plans with a number of leading brands. Why are we so popular? Because HeatGenie is the first and only self-heating technology to meet the industry-leading brands' non-negotiable criteria for success. Hey, call us overachievers.

This completely portable, single-use, self-heating packaging technology creates new usage opportunities such as hot coffee while driving to work or self-heating hot chocolate in children’s lunch boxes.  When it comes to the newest thing, we’re the newest thing.


“We are so impressed with the technology ”

David R. Elliott|  President of Wanho |  heatgenie's authorized heater manufacturer


"We are so impressed with the technology that HeatGenie has developed, and know that WANHO’s expertise in industrializing and commercializing product forms a perfect strategic alliance. We're excited to be a part of bringing this unique opportunity to the global market.”

– David R. Elliott
President of WANHO
HeatGenie’s authorized heater manufacturer


Fast and Reliable

HeatGenie heats beverages or food in less than two minutes…and works every time.


Made with the same metal as the can, HeatGenie is 100% recyclable.


Passive Thermal Control (PTC) guarantees safety for the consumer by dissipating thermal energy away from the package and ensuring that the heater surface never exceeds the defined maximum temperature.

Light and Small

HeatGenie is lightweight with a very low displacement of the contents inside, allowing for a great consumer experience. It’s the best product-to-heater ratio available by far. (Our heater only displaces about 10% of the beverage).


Easy to Use

With a simple twist of the lid, the HeatGenie magic starts to happen.