HeatGenie’s patented energy storage technology heats its contents simply, safely, efficiently and at a controlled rate within the packaging using a solid-state thermal reaction.

How does it work? To activate, consumers twist the lid on the package and a small, lightweight heater provides high-content energy and heat. The end result is a cup of hot coffee or a can of soup, safely heated in the hand of the consumer in less than two minutes.


With development complete, HeatGenie is already in market tests and launch plans with a number of leading brands. Why are we so popular? Because HeatGenie is the first and only self-heating technology to meet the industry-leading brands' non-negotiable criteria for success. Hey, call us overachievers.

This completely portable, single-use, self-heating packaging technology creates new usage opportunities such as hot coffee while driving to work or self-heating hot chocolate in children’s lunch boxes.  When it comes to the newest thing, we’re the newest thing.